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Paluski Fast Water Canoe Rentals

$75/day or $525/week + HST

includes 2 paddles; 1 safety kit (Please bring your own personal floatation devices (PFD'S)


2023 Prices 

(subject to change - CLICK PDF)

Paluski Fastwater Canoe

Designed for rough treatment, the Fastwater is manufactured using Paluski’s unique high-density foam core laminate to produce a stiff, non-warping hull. The Fastwater’s Canadian prospector-shaped hull allows long trips across rough, open water or through fast-moving rivers and streams.

The Fastwater Canoe is based on the traditional "Prospector" hull design. The hull is wide and flat, but has a rocker which allows it to turn easily in whitewater conditions. The sharp entry and exit lines result in a boat that will track straight when it is carrying a heavy load of paddlers and gear. The laminated polyethylene construction makes the hull virtually indestructible.

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