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Please provide us with the following information for your park permit:

  • Day & Location of Park Entrance

  • Expected date of Park Exit

  • Tentative Schedule of which Zones you will be in for each day

  • Name/contact info/AGE of Permit Holder

  • Name/AGE/tent color/canoe color of each traveler

*Large groups please send all info 2 weeks in advance for us to obtain your authorization letter

Provincial Park Camping

Let us help you with the details.

We can issue your Spanish River Park permit at the time of your booking. Please remember that all groups larger then 9 persons must have an authorization letter from the park super intendent to  accompany your permit. We can also adjust your permit upon return and immediately issue a refund or add additional days.

For more information on Spanish River Provincial Park Permits contact us or go to

Ontario Back Country Park Permits


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Respect your surroundings
with the following suggestions

Refrain from stripping live wood.

Try to minimize damage caused to local fauna & flora.

Try to recycle when possible. Garbage drop offs are along the way. Agnew Lake Lodge will also dispose of extra garbage or recycling for you.

Only camp on designated campsites & have appropriate fires for cooking. Keep in mind fire safety procedures.
Keep your backcountry "business" buried & away from animal access, or sealed away for proper disposal.

Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it if possible. 
Your efforts in reducing your adventuring footprint will provide a long lasting between us & nature.
Thank you!


Safety Kits provided with all Canoe Rentals

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Safety Tips

Scout all rapids before running

Leave your itinerary with someone

Waving anything red above your head signals an emergency to the trains

Have at least two sources of navigational aids (water-proof back up maps, compass, GPS)

Carry a first aid kit & be familiar with its contents

Always wear your PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

Reminder: Weather can change quickly so be prepared with extra food & proper clothing. Agnew & Biscotasi Lakes can become choppy with high winds & waves. Wait out any storms in a safe place.

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