For shuttle - river Information call 705 869 2239 or toll free 877 299 6098


For Shuttle - River Information call 705 869 2239 or toll free 877 299 6098





The Spanish River is one of the most pristine and diverse canoe routes in Northern Ontario.

The Spanish River starts of as two different branches, the East and the West.

The two branches as well as the various points of entry make the Spanish River interesting for any type of paddlers.

The Spanish River has a long history of canoeing.

Although now Spanish River Provincial Park, a provincial park with good maintained campsites and portages; In the early days The Spanish River was mainly used as transport route for trading by First Nation tribes.

From mid eighteen hundreds the Spanish River with its many side streams, was the main river to float down logs. Anchors and chains to catch the logs , left over from this period, can still be found along the route.

In the early 1900 Agnew Lake was created after the construction of a hydro dam at the lower part of the Spanish River. Still the water levels are regulated by various dams.










All through its history the Spanish River has offered lots of outdoor adventures to canoeists and fisherman. Its I to IV class rapids offer great joy to many paddlers. The different entry points give opportunity to many 'taylor made' trips. Specially the 'Royal Ride from the Elbow down to Agnew Lake Lodge is a stretch you do not want to miss.

To protect this beautiful scenic canoe route and forest along the river, it was given the status of provincial park in 2009. Spanish River Provincial Park. Everybody camping within the park has to get a permit. Permits are available at Agnew Lake Lodge. Check out our 'links page' for more info on the park.


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